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Welcome to Maesiapedia!

Maesiapedia (with possibly a less derpy name in the works) is a collaborative project created in order to amass all the information about the roleplay forum, Maesian Wars.

We're currently in start-up mode at moment, with the basic framework of pages being set up by yours truly, MW's creator, mekashiyu...I'm not making myself a wiki page. At least not yet. Seems a bit pretentious. 8/

Back on track, though - all the pages are currently locked while things are being set up, but once the skeleton is down, everything'll be unlocked and everyone can go hog wild changing my stuff and adding their own! :D

Keep an eye out, enjoy the buttloads of fluff and page-changing I'm laying down, and I hope to see you editing the wiki (and of course being a part of the roleplay) someday! :D

~ mekashiyu


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Map of Maesia

Map of Maesia

Maesia is the titular setting of the Maesian Wars roleplay. It currently consists of a single continent (which for writing's sake also goes by the name of Maesia) and several surrounding islands and archipelagos.

Due to seemingly strange climates depicted across the face of Maesia, it has been determined that the common map of Maesia is actually rotated on its axis, with the equator stretching from Delkeeps in the West to Borief in the East, but it has not been updated due to the easier-to-understand layout of the current map model.

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